Get To Know: Here We Flo

Get To Know Here We FLO

Last Updated on November 20, 2022

NATURAL, SAFE, and A LIL’ BIT EXTRA. Here We Flo is a sassy black-owned brand that brings you eco-friendly feminine care products in cute packaging at affordable prices.

Hello, beautiful! Fancy some amazing organic femcare? Here We Flo (or FLO) is an organic feminine hygiene care brand that is “cheeky and conscious.” Here We Flo isn’t just a period pun, it’s empowering and it provides natural care for life’s messiest moments.

FLO makes eco-friendly products that are affordable, accessible, and cute. The brand’s founders are cheeky and conscious babes on a mission to make the world a better place. They believe that whatever we put in our bodies should be natural. At the same time, it should not be harmful to the planet.

In this post, we’ll give you all the details on this natural and inclusive brand, including why they should be on your next shopping list!

TL;DR: Here We Flo’s brand profile

The origins of Here We Flo

Periods, bladder care and sex may make some people blush. But, for FLO founders Susan Augustin and Tara Chandra, making light of embarrassing product categories is what drives their business.

Augustin came from a background in social justice and human rights, whilst Chandra came from the music industry. They ran into each other at the London School of Economics where they both took management classes.

“We were in the restroom between classes when Susan suggested that we form the feminist PayPal mafia. We really wanted to do something that gives back, is focused on wellness, and is driven by women. Following that realization, I discovered that I couldn’t get organic tampons anyplace, “Chandra explains to BeautyMatter.

“That talk became my Master’s dissertation, in which I explored the entire business case for what became Here We Flo. We thought there was a market gap for a brand that dealt with all of life’s sensitive situations in a cheeky, but yet matter-of-fact manner.”

Chandra and Augustin did a lot of research on menstruation and sensitive bladder care through surveys and focus groups. Personal influences also guided their decisions on branding, design, and packaging, which are all done in-house. For instance, when Chandra has her period, she craves Ben & Jerry’s. As a result of this joke, the tampons come in ice cream tubs.

Here We Flo is described as “fun, feminist, and strong,” as well as “affordable, inclusive, and cute,” to name a few words. “We frequently say that mess is the purpose, but laughter is the goal,” Chandra explains.

Augustin and Chandra have built a personal care empire that has grown a lot over the last few years. They’ve worked to make their business less stigmatized and more environmentally friendly.

The philosophy of Here We Flo

Here we Flo prides itself in making eco-friendly products with a whole lotta sass – to leave you feeling crazy confident and empowered in our messiest bodily moments. Its mission is to ensure these sustainable products are affordable, accessible, and adorable.

Also, they’re big on making a social impact. Their organic tampons and sustainable period and sensitive bladder pads (not to mention their CO2-neutral condoms!) are shunning the stigma and opening inspiring conversations about feminism, sustainability, and period equity.

At Here We Flo, every pack gives back. They donate 5% of profits to the Orchid Project and Bloody Good Period to help end FGM (Female Genital Cutting). They also donate products to women in need at U.K asylum centers and food banks every month. The company regularly donates products to charities, schools, and hospitals.

Here We Flo’s product range

Here We Flo makes natural period care (FLO), sustainable bladder leak protection (glo), eco-friendly condoms (XO!), and reusable period pants. Prices range from £3.99 to £24.99.

Here is a quick overview of their collection to help you create your shopping list:

FLO Period Pads

FLO Period Pads

These absorbent pads are made from sustainable, 100% organic bamboo. They are super comfy, vegan and cruelty-free. The wrappers are also compostable. They come in packs for day and/or night use.

£5.95 per pack for one-off buy | £4.99 per pack for subscription

Here We Flo Tampons

FLO Period Tampons

These tampons are 100% organic cotton, making them sustainable. They are super soft on skin, vegan, and cruelty-free. FLO offers both applicator tampons and no-applicator tampons, which are all recyclable. Also, the applicators are made of 95% plant-based sugar cane. They come in Regular and Super packs.

£5.95 per pack for one-off buy | £4.99 per pack for subscription

FLO Bladder Pads

glo Bladder Pads

FLO’s sensitive bladder pads help keep bladder leaks and incontinences (a.k.a pee leaks) in check. They are made of sustainable, 100% organic bamboo which is super soft and hypoallergenic. Also, they contain a ‘charcoal core’ which neutralizes odor. The pads are fragrance-free, itch-free and its wrappers are compostable. It’s available in Mini, Regular and Long.

£5.95 per pack for one-off buy | £4.99 per pack for subscription

FLO Bladder Liners

glo Bladder Liners

Although FLO has the everyday liner that we mentioned above, they also provide liners for women with sensitive bladders. These 24-pack liners are made of 100% natural bamboo and super absorbent. They don’t irritate; they are also vegan and cruelty-free.

£5.95 per pack for one-off buy | £4.99 per pack for subscription

FLO Natural Rubber Latex Condoms

XO! Natural Rubber Latex Condoms

With their naturally-derived condoms, Here We Flo promises to give you the kind of ‘bare naked’ feeling you and your partner deserve. Their condoms come in two varieties: Ultra-Thin and Ribbed + Dotted (a.k.a high sensation!). They’re made of natural rubber sustainably sourced from rubber tree. Also, they’re both lubricated, CO2-neutral, safe to use, vegan, and cruelty-free. They each come in packs of 6 and 12.

£9.69 per 6-pack for one-off buy | £8.69 per 6-pack for subscription | £13.69 per 12-pack for one-off buy | £12.28 per 12-pack for subscription

FLO Period Panties

FLO Period Pants

Embrace your flo with this limited edition period panties! Here We Flo teamed up with Netflix’s hit show, ‘Sex Education’ to make these huggable period underwear. Made from sustainable cotton, the triple-layered panties hold up to 5 tampons’ worth of flow. When your period’s over, you can wash ’em and re-use ’em. It’s totally safe. Available in Black and Pink in sizes XS-XL.

£24.99 per pack

Where Can You Buy Here We Flo Products?

Thousands of stores worldwide range FLO, with large retailers including Amazon, Ocado, Boots, Planet Organic, Ethical Superstore, Costco, Walmart, Monoprix in France, plus 700 stores in the Netherlands. You can also shop directly from their website.

7 reasons to consider using Here We Flo products

Here We Flo is a brand that aims to be as sustainable and accessible as possible while also providing great quality products that do their job. If that’s not enough reason to shop the brand, here are a few other reasons:

  1. You can recycle or compost almost everything that comes in their package. For example, the FLO Non-Applicator Tampons, Bamboo Pads, Bamboo Liners, and the glo Bamboo Pads and Liners are all wrapped in 100% compostable bioplastic that can be re-used. Plus, all of the outer packaging is FSC-certified and can be recycled.
  2. Here We Flo tampons and pads are fragrance-free and non-irritating. That is, they don’t have any perfume and dye. They also don’t have any allergens or harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach. Their products are made with nothing but natural goodness in them!
  3. All their products are vegan and cruelty-free, certified by PETA and The Vegetarian Society.
  4. FLO organic cotton non-applicator tampons are the most sustainable single-use tampon on the market so far. And, it’s 100% plastic-free.
  5. Here We Flo uses gender-inclusive language in all communications and packaging. Everything they do is about being inclusive. They’re working hard to promote unapologetic feminism and inclusive marketing in every way they can.
  6. They promote social justice. 5% of their profits go to charities like Orchid Project, which work to end female genital cutting (FGM). They also donate menstrual products to fight period poverty in the U.K through organizations like St. Mungo’s and Bloody Good Period. Finally, they provide essential products for refugees, asylum seekers, and the homeless.
  7. If being ecologically green and kind to others isn’t enough to persuade you, their subscription service will. How many times do you get your period just to run out of tampons? You probably end up replacing it with tissue and running to the nearest store for tampons. Luckily, Here We Flo can deliver their adorable products to your house each month for free! You’ll also save a few cents off your purchase.

Wrapping it up

With everything we’ve mentioned, hopefully you’ll agree with us that Here We Flo is a brand to get behind. Not only do they produce healthy, eco-friendly, and adorable natural care for life’s messiest moments, but they also give back to the community at the same time. That is simply FLO-tastic!

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