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The best in black beauty, curated just for you.

We know the struggle is real when you have to spend hours searching beauty aisles for products that suit your skin or hair type, only to sometimes settle for less. We’re here to put an end to that.

No longer would you need to mix three shades to get your perfect foundation, DIY a conditioner for your gorgeous strands, or use sunscreen that leaves a white cast, making you look like one of Casper’s distant relatives.

From haircare for our curly beauts to makeup and glow-inducing skincare for olive-deep tones, we sift through thousands of brands in the market to curate, review and connect you with products that suit.

Whether that’s a L’Oreal lipstick perfectly suited to your shade of black, or a Juvia’s Place eyeshadow your lids can’t get enough of, here, you have it all at your fingertips.