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This Sunscreen Fades Dark Spots, According To bea Skincare

Fades hyper-pigmentation and protects.

Black Girl Sunscreen: The OG SPF For Both Face and Body

For maximum efficiency.

Buttah Skin’s Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Blends With Your Melanin

Formulated for dark skin tones.

Fenty Skin’s Hydra Vizor: The 2-in-1 SPF Moisturizer For Oily Skin Types

Treats oily skin concerns.

Get To Know: Topicals Skincare

Fade spots and treat ingrown hair.

MELĒ’s No Shade Sunscreen Oil Is The Perfect No-Cast SPF For Dry Skin

Moisturizes skin for a dewy glow.

I Used Fenty’s Hand Mask And Woke Up With Smoother Hands [Review]

Dry, winter hands? Don’t know her.

Get To Know: OUI the People

Discover the reconstitution of beauty.

Kinlò’s Tinted Golden Rays Sunscreen Is Great For Foundation-Free Days

Tinted for a naturally flawless finish.

EleVen’s Unrivaled Sun Serum Is ‘The Best I’ve Ever Had,’ Reviewer Says

Vegan, non-comedogenic and cast-free.

8 Black-Owned Sunscreens That Won’t Leave A White Cast

Cast-free SPF options for your melanin.

6 Black-Founded Father’s Day Gifts For The Well-Groomed Dad

Help him look good and feel good.

Sunburn On Black Skin: How To Know It, Treat It, and Prevent It

Protect your melanin from the harmful sunrays.

Zinc Oxide: A Brief Overview of This Sunscreen MVP

Zinc Oxide, your skin’s armor against UV rays.

6 Black-Owned Sustainable Skincare Brands You Should Know

Skincare that embraces a healthy future.

16 Black-Owned Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts She’ll Love (2022)

Find a gift as unique as she is.

7 Cutest Beauty Fridges to Buy ASAP

7 adorable beauty fridges to cool your products.

Get To Know: Buttah Skin

Your skin will feel as soft as butter.

Get To Know: Fenty Beauty

It’s just as iconic as its founder, Rihanna.

Debunking 10 Beauty Myths About People Of Color

These need to be axed, once and for all.

Can Dark-Skinned People Blush? Here’s What Scientists Say

The ‘most human’ of all expressions.

Can Dark Skin Get Laser Hair Removal? The Answer Is…

Here’s everything you need to know.

Beauty Fridges: Are They Really Necessary?

Skincare mini fridges are all the hype right now.

How Long Does It Really Take To See Results From Your Skincare?

Patience and consistency is key.

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