Flora & Curl

Flora & Curl

Flora & Curl takes a minimalist approach to provide plant-based hair products for curly strands. Containing botanical ingredients like Aloe, Hibiscus, Honey, and Rose Water, their products are formulated to hydrate, sooth, protect and style your hair.




Rose Ovensehi



Place of Origin:

London, England

Name Origin: 

Flora – the Latin word for ‘flowers’ or ‘plant life’ – meets curly hair

Best Known For:

Plant-powered curl care products with tropical and botanical scents

Who it’s For:

All curly hair types

What It Treats:

Dryness, definition, volume, dullness, tangling, scalp issues


Natural care for natural hair


Clean, cruelty-free, partially vegan

Price Range:

GBP £6.00-£33.60 | USD $8.30-$34.50

Key Competitors:

Brio Geo, Mielle Organics, Camille Rose, Bread Beauty Supply

Best-Selling Product:

Flora & Curl Sweet Hibiscus Curl Activating Lotion

Where to Buy:

Europe: Flora & Curl, Superdrug

North America: Amazon, Ulta

Oceania: Flora & CurlSaint Curl, Carethy

Worldwide: Look Fantastic, Kiyo Beauty