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Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Flora & Curl takes a minimalist approach to provide plant-based, botanical-scented hair products for curly strands. It’s a tropical vacation in a bottle!

Naturally curly hair requires special attention to maintain curls and keep them from getting dry. Unlike straight hair, naturally curly hair tends to dry out easily, which makes it a bit difficult to care for. Therefore, finding and building a routine to maintain your curls takes vigilance and time. Flora & Curl offers plant-powered haircare products to hydrate and protect your curls, leaving your hair looking and feeling soft and nourished.

TL;DR: Flora & Curl’s brand profile

How Flora & Curl started

Rose Ovensehi founded Flora & Curl haircare to provide friendly products for curly hair. In 2011, she made the transforming decision to embrace her natural hair after experiencing damaged hair and scalp from relaxers. In embracing her natural hair, Rose realized that many products on the market were made with poor quality or harsh ingredients.

Many products contained harsh detergent shampoos or drying alcohol gels known to strip hair of moisture. Some also contained heavy fillers that lead to product build-up. Rose felt these products were not treating her scalp and hair with the T.L.C it truly deserved. The products also came with complex and complicated reading labels. Furthermore, using them required following many different steps, which was time-consuming.

Pictured: Rose Ovensehi
Pictured: Rose Ovensehi, Founder (Source)

Soon after, Rose launched a blog to share her experiences on her natural hair journey. She connected with a community of women who were also learning and sharing their natural hair experiences. She then began to research ingredients found in her kitchen to make her products. Eventually, she adapted a simple natural haircare routine using pure and raw ingredients that consumed much less time.

Eager to experiment to find her solution, Rose began sourcing plant-based ingredients such as Ghanaian butter, Brazilian oils, and botanical ingredients from various parts of the world. She created haircare gels and different kinds of butter and other recipes in her mum’s kitchen. Eventually, she discovered a gentle and all-natural remedy for dry textured hair.

Rose chose to become free by chopping her chemically processed hair. She tried out various natural scents in essential oils and created DIY recipe videos. She finally learned how to take care of her hair differently, in a minimal approach. This inspired her to create a product line driven by simplicity and potency. In April 2017, she launched her haircare line Flora & Curl, a botanical brand that caters to women with textured hair of all curl types.

Flora & Curl‘s brand philosophy

Flora & Curl believes that what you put on your scalp and hair is equally as important as what you put on the skin. The brand’s ‘clean curl promise’ is to provide clean products free of silicones, sulfates, synthetic colors, paraben, synthetic fragrances, cruelty, mineral oils, and phthalates products. Their products are infused with plant-based ingredients, fruit extracts, safe minerals, and natural oils and butters.

Flora & Curl aims to make a difference by providing simple, aromatherapeutic, and hydrating products that are good for every type of curl and good for the world. They make their products with high-quality hydrating and plant-based ingredients. With this in mind, Flora & Curl’s mission is to simplify your curly hair routine through easy, accessible, enjoyable, and effective curl care.

Flora & Curl‘s product range

Flora & Curl’s collection of products is color-coded (and name-coded) to help simplify your haircare routine and reach your desired goals easily. Allowing you to shop products by curl goal, the brand offers the following ranges: Hydrate Me, Style Me, Soothe Me, Protect Me. Customers can also shop by product types such as conditioners, cleansers, stylers, moisturizers, oils, mists, tools, and accessories. In addition, you can shop Flora & Curl products by curl concern including volume, definition, dryness, or dullness. Let’s delve a little deeper into each collection so you can pick which one works for you.

1. Hydrate Me Collection

Hydrate Me
Shop Hydrate Me Full Set (Flora & Curl), $103

This collection offers your curls maximum hydration and nourishment. It does this through products that feature a mixture of super hydrating botanicals such as hibiscus, rose water, jasmine with provitamin b5, honey, and aloe. If your hair feels dry or brittle, this is the collection to add to cart.

2. Protect Me Collection

Protect Me Full Set
Shop Protect Me Full Set (Flora & Curl), $62

This collection consists of superfruit power products that protect your curls. They are formulated with plant oils rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, and antioxidants such as tangerine oil, sweet orange oil, and papaya oil. These ingredients protect your natural curls from harsh weather, over-styling, or heat, which can cause damage to your hair.

3. Style Me Collection

Image Credit: Flora & Curl (Style Me)
Shop Style Me Full Set (Flora & Curl), $97

This is a collection that allows you to style your curls with ease. The products are botanically infused with pure and natural ingredients like hibiscus and sweet almond to add shine, definition, and volume to your curls. These can also be used to enhance protective styles such as twists, braids, locs, plaits, crochet, and so on.

4. Soothe Me Collection

Image Credit: Flora & Curl (Sooth Me)
Shop Sooth Me Full Set (Flora & Curl), $123

The products in this collection helps you to keep your scalp healthy and balanced. The products are formulated to alleviate scalp issues such as itchiness, dandruff, and flakiness. Made with ingredients such as coconut water, peppermint oil, eucalyptus, and lavender, the Soothe Me plant-powered scalp care range removes scalp buildup, offers a soothing relief, and promotes hair growth.

You can also buy any of these products on their own. Some of their best-sellers include the Sooth Me Coconut Mint Curl Refresh Clay Wash, Hydrate Me Organic Rose & Honey Cream Shampoo and Conditioner, and Protect Me African Citrus Superfruit Hair Oil.

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In addition to hair products, Flora & Curl offers hair accessories as well. These include combs, floral satin scrunchies, curl towel, insulated shower cap and scalp massager.

Why use Flora & Curl products

Some key reasons why you should consider using Flora & Curl products include:

  1. Natural And Plant-Powered Ingredients: Unlike other conventional products governed by low-quality ingredients and diluted products, Flora & Curl is powered by high-performing, botanical ingredients such as flowers, fruit, plant, and seed-derived butters and oils. As such, Flora & Curl encourages women with curly hair to enjoy their haircare routine and natural hair journey. We think it’s worthwhile to mention that because their products is jam-packed with botanicals, they smell like a tropical vacation!
  2. Cruelty-Free Products: Flora & Curl do not test their ingredients or products on animals. Suppliers of the brand’s ingredients also do not test on animals, nor do they allow their products to be tested on animals.
  3. Affordable: Despite the high-quality ingredients used in Flora & Curl’s recipes, the products are not expensive when compared with some other high-end brands in the market. It’s truly the best of both worlds.
  4. Eco-Friendly: Flora & Curl’s shipping fillers and inserts are biodegradable and made with plant-based ink. Also, the brand’s minimalist packaging boxes are 100% recyclable.
  5. Award-Winning Products: The brand has won awards over the years. For example, the Sweet Hibiscus Curl Volumizing Foam recently won the Natural Health Beauty Awards 2021 for Best Curly Hair Product.

Where to buy Flora & Curl products

Flora & Curl products are available to shop from Ulta Beauty, Amazon, and Superdrug. International customers can purchase their products directly from their official website. Otherwise, most international addresses can order from Look Fantastic.

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