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Last Updated on November 20, 2022

Centered around celebrating black beauty, Pattern Beauty provides curl essentials that add definition and shine for healthy curls. ‘Coz girl, you’ve earned it!

From sulfate-free to eco-friendly products in the natural hair care aisle, there are now more options to achieve the perfect curls. And with over 10 million followers on Instagram, actor turned beauty mogul Tracee Ellis Ross started a hair care line for all women of color – Pattern Beauty.

Right after it launched, Pattern Beauty had the beauty world buzzing. They’d just created specially-formulated products to bring out the best in curly and kinky hair. Now, Tracee uses her massive platform to advocate for self-appreciation and embracing your natural texture while giving us daily doses of her voluminous, hydrated coils.

Learn more about the origins of Pattern Beauty, its aesthetically-pleasing products and packaging, where to purchase any of their thick buttery formulations, and lots more.

Pattern Beauty’s origin

For a haircare company, the name Pattern almost doesn’t do justice to how well-suited it is. It’s fantastic. As the name implies, this product is all about accepting your natural hair pattern and appreciating the distinct kinks and coils that come with it.

Pattern Beauty is a collection of products Ms. Ross created specifically to enhance and celebrate naturally curly, coily, and tight hair, not to relax or tame it.

Tracee was always interested in fashion and beauty, so it was only right her her to venture into the beauty industry. But when it came time to make her hair care line, the actor insisted that the brand had to be about more than just beauty.

As a child, she learned the most of her haircare from herself. She also realized that there weren’t many people who could help her wear her hair the way it naturally grew out of her head.

“Ten years ago, right after Girlfriends finished, I wrote my first haircare brand pitch. Originally the comment and response to me was, ‘what was my credibility?’ I ‘needed to partner with a professional.” She mentioned this during an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

However, she knew that women with curly or wavy hair often have routines that are just for them. So, she wanted to create a brand that celebrated the beauty and power of this community.

“There’s three missions at Pattern Beauty, which is to meet the needs of the curly, coily and tight textured community; to celebrate authentic beauty and be an active space that is centered around Black beauty; and also to be in an ongoing dialogue with organizations that have a like-minded mission of supporting safety, justice and equity for people of color and women”


When it first came out in 2019, several of the brand’s products sold out online. This was a promising indicator of its success.

It started with a line of shower products including shampoos, conditioners, and a shower brush. This way, everyone could access basic products to help their curly hair feel healthy and look good. Pattern Beauty now provides a whole new line of styling products to continue this mission.

The Pattern Beauty philosophy

Pattern Beauty strives to change how society has rejected the notion that natural hair in the Black community is attractive. It aims to liberate every natural curly girl from this subtle suppression of identity and restore confidence in who they are.

If anything, Pattern Beauty results from Tracee Ellis Ross’s tireless efforts to create a product affordable to every woman. Therefore, the brand uses its platform to remind every woman that self-acceptance of one’s own identity is important.

As a result, Pattern not only gives black women a bit more ‘oomph,’ but it also puts a smile back on their faces.

It’s a celebration of how unique we are and how our hair is curly, coily, and tight. Each product is a bottle of encouragement that tells us we’re beautiful just the way we are.

Pattern Beauty also supports democracy, freedom, and human rights by giving money to groups that help black women get ahead. They are committed to looking for new ways to help projects that are leading the way in this kind of work.

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Their Vision, as stated on their website, summarizes their entire journey:

May we support the curliest, coiliest & tightest of hair textures.
May we embrace, love, and celebrate our community & the gorgeous hair we have.
May we know our hair is strong.
May we know our curls are flexible.
May we know our texture is resilient.
May we know our patterns are magic.
May our hair live its best life.

Pattern Beauty’s product range

Even though Pattern Beauty came out in 2019, it had been in the works for a decade. The first line of products that came out included shampoo, a XXL hair clip, and a jumbo-sized conditioner, which are all you need to get started with curly hair.

Tracee got rid of the one-size-fits-all stigma by making three formulas for different hair textures: intensive (for tight textures), heavy (for coilies), and medium (for curlies).

The line is made for curly hair types 3b to 4c and comes in refillable, reusable bottles. But one thing that makes it stand out is that it doesn’t take the usual one-size-fits-all approach to hair. Instead, it has a variety of products for curly, coiled, or we can do tight hair types so that conditioning and styling in a way that works best for each type.

Also, Pattern does not sell relaxers or straightening products. As the brand’s website says, each one is made to let curls be themselves while looking their best or “living their best life.”

You can buy Pattern Beauty’s products on their own or in bundles, like the Deluxe Styling Bundle. Bundles come with everything you might need for wash day, like a microfiber towel, shower brush, hair clip, spray bottle, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in, and hair serum.

Top 5 favorite products

Get To Know Pattern Beauty - Curl Gel

Curl Gel 9.8fl. oz (289.8ml)

This rich, creamy formula brings out your natural curl pattern. It’s infused with aloe vera, coconut oil, and cacao oil to moisturize and nourish your curls.

Get To Know Pattern Beauty - Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioner 9.8fl. oz (289.8ml)

This conditioner restores, revives, and detangles your hair after washing, giving your curls a soft curl pattern.

Pattern Edge Control

Edge Control 4fl. oz (118.3ml)

Lay your edges into a smooth, sleek finish with this edge control gel. It glides on easily, it’s not sticky and it does not flake.

Pattern Beauty Styling Cream

Styling Cream 15fl. oz (443.6ml)

Braids, twists, and other elegant styles benefit from this oil-rich formula. It’s made with shea butter, cacay oil, and sweet almond oil to nourish and prevent breakage.

Pattern Beauty Hydrating Mist

Hydrating Mist 12fl. oz (354.9ml)

Refresh and reactivate your curls between washes with this “nectar of the gods.” It adds moisture and nutrients to your hair, thanks to aloe vera, avocado oil and coconut oil.

On their bestseller list is the hydration shampoo, leave-in conditioner, medium conditioner, clarifying shampoo, shower brush, jojoba oil blend, and scalp serum.

Finally, some of their amazing new additions include transition and treatment masks, satin cap, and numerous bundles. If you’re new to the brand, we recommend getting any of their bundles to experience the essence of Pattern Beauty.

Where to buy Pattern Beauty products

Pattern Beauty products are currently available online on the brand’s website, Ulta Beauty, Target, Sephora, Amazon, and Thirteen Lune.

6 reasons to consider using Pattern Beauty products

  1. Pattern Beauty focuses on healthy hair and encourages each hair texture to take up as much space as it wants.
  2. The line is made for different curly hair types, from 3b to 4c, and doesn’t just have one size that fits all.
  3. Their products come in bottles that can be reused and refilled. Moreover, they don’t test on animals.
  4. Pattern Beauty uses the best ingredients available worldwide with well-researched formulas to create their products.
  5. Their products aim to nourish your hair safely and affordably.
  6. Pattern Beauty donates a portion of its profits to organizations dedicated to advancing and empowering women and people of color.

Wrapping it up

When it comes to Pattern Beauty, it’s not just about the products. It’s also about the company’s commitment to various worthwhile causes. They also aim to educate more women about taking care of their curls. For example, their blog features in-depth hair care and styling articles. Now that’s a pattern we want more beauty brands to follow!


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