Meet Jackie Aina’s Tropic Like It’s Hot Candle Collection

Meet Jackie Aina’s Tropic Like It’s Hot Candle Collection

Last Updated on November 20, 2022

FORVR Mood is bringing the heat this Summer with its newly-released limited edition Tropic Like It’s Hot Collection. It’s poised to deliver ‘flirty and fruity’ tropical vibes all Summer long.

Co-founder and co-owner of FORVR Mood, Jackie Aina, hopped on Instagram Live on Tuesday the 17th of May to celebrate the launch of her new Tropic Like It’s Hot summer 2022 collection. And we couldn’t be more excited.

Donning a gorgeous, summery look herself, Jackie took us on a journey to learn more about the gang of four: Thirst Trapping, Sweet Wave, Leaf Me Be, Sun Kiss & Tell. She describes all four single-wick candles as “inviting, fun, bold, flirty, summer, tropical”. Distinct in their scent, each candle serves up a different adventure when lit.

About the Tropic Like It’s Hot Collection

The collection is said to be inspired by “private islands, lush rainforests, and cocktails that come with umbrellas”. Its aesthetics and blended notes are certainly giving all that and more. Although all four candles share the tropical summer vibe, each of them is special in its own way. So, read on to find out which candle tickles your summer fancy.

Meet Tropic Like It's Hot Collection- Thirst Trapping Candle

Thirst Trapping Candle 10 oz. (283g)



Thirst Trapping “smells like spring and summer” in one, says Jackie. A “true watermelon scent”, it’s the perfect candle to burn at brunch or when you have guests over. The airy, fruity scent gives off apple with a sweet hint of pineapple. So, if you like fragrances that are “cool, watery, bright”, this is for you.

Top Notes: Watermelon, apple, pineapple
Mid Notes: Raspberry, apricot
Base Notes: Cotton candy, vanilla
Burn time: 65 hours
Throw: Bold

Meet Tropic Like It's Hot Collection- Sweet Wave

Sweet Wave Candle 10 oz. (283g)



Sweet Wave brings a positive, flirty spin to the phrase ‘Heat Wave’. Jackie describes it as a “creamy blueberry” fragrance with coconut and nutty notes seeping through. It’s your perfect gourmand blend if you’re into savory, sweet scents with hints of vanilla. This makes for a great date night candle as gourmands are known to be oh-so seductive!

Top Notes: Blueberry, strawberry, raspberry
Mid Notes: Jasmine, coconut
Base Notes: Vanilla, musk
Burn time: 65 hours
Throw: Bold

Tropic Like It's Hot

Leaf Me Be Candle 10 oz. (283g)



Leaf Me Be is a green, citrusy scent that’s best lit for serene moments to yourself (as the name hints). Get a whiff of sea greens and wild sage while you meditate, relax, or practice your favorite act of self-love. It’s the perfect company you need for total tranquility.

Top Notes: Sea greens, citrus
Mid Notes: Wild sage, crisp air, jasmine, linden flower
Base Notes: Cedar leaf, white driftwood, musk
Burn time: 65 hours
Throw: Bold

Tropic Like It's Hot

Sun Kiss & Tell Candle 10 oz. (283g)



Jackie calls this candle ‘bright, happy, inviting’, associating it with the color Yellow. The scent gives off a citrus-floral twist with slight hints of sugar banana. This is a great everyday candle to burn on all occasions.

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Top Notes: Agave nectar, sugared banana, almond blossom
Mid Notes: Orange flower, tuberose, white jasmine, creamy coconut
Base Notes: Marshmallow musk, vanilla bean
Burn time: 65 hours
Throw: Bold

Meet Tropic Like It's Hot Collection Gift Set

Tropic Like It’s Hot Collection Gift Set 4×10 oz. (4x283g)

FORVR Mood presents all four candles as a set if you either want them all or want to gift it to your loved ones. This complete set makes a great addition to summer picnics, barbeques, staycations and quiet summer nights in. All four candles come full-sized in the box at a discounted price of $143 (you save $9).

Meet Tropic Like It's Hot Collection Mini Gift Set

Tropic Like It’s Hot Collection Mini Gift Set 4×2.5 oz. (4x71g)

The collection is also available in miniature sizes, which is typically a crowd favorite. Although it has a decreased burn time of 40-60 hours, it’s still a more affordable option. It’s especially a good choice if you want to try each candle before you buy a full-sized version of your favorite.

The Collection’s Packaging is Where Summer Meets Style

The candle jars flaunt metallic jade, olive green and emerald hues. These trendy greens are super luxe whilst keeping in line with the tropical theme. Also, the finish is a bronzed matte and on top is a bubbleless label to elevate the entire look.

For our conscious shoppers, you can repurpose your empty candle jars to hold other valuables. The outer carton packaging which comes in olive green tones adorned with golden leaf patterns is also recyclable.

Why FORVR Mood’s Add-to-Cart Worthy

FORVR Mood makes trendy and luxe candles made with high quality waxes at affordable prices. All their candles are made with 100% natural coconut soy wax and free of paraffin.

If you didn’t get to shop the new Tropic Like It’s Hot Collection directly on the Live, you can jump on their website now to buy your faves. Otherwise, you can shop the collection at Sephora – just in time for Summer!

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