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Last Updated on November 20, 2022

TLCs need not require a fat wallet. Here are some bomb selections that should totally be on your radar, too.

Ask anyone and they will tell you that “self-care” is a serious contender for Most Used Phrase across the globe right now–and for good reason. Self-care, to us, means taking the necessary steps to get better snoozes, reduced anxiety, clear mind and great skin. Although, the realization that wellness should be prioritized could have hit more people sooner, if self-maintenance didn’t cost so much time and money.

Fortunately, the growing demand for wellness-related offerings has led to increased innovation and mass production of affordable self-care products. What we are seeing now are emerging trends like “nutricosmetics” (also known as “edible beauty”) and beauty devices no longer restricted to specialized clinics. And, they just might be here to stay. Between the gua shas and beauty teas, we are excited to see what new innovation will grace our beauty cabinets.

In the meantime, though, here are 14 of our favorite self-care products that we find absolutely sensational, and we know you will too. So, get ready to indulge…

1. The Honey Pot Bath Bombs

The HoneyPot Bath Bombs

Taking first place in our self-care list is The Honey Pot’s bath bombs. These limited-edition bath bombs create an ultra-relaxing atmosphere when steeped in your bathtub. It is everything you need and more in a stress reliever, skin soother, and evening unwinder for a luxurious experience.

The Honey Pot bath bombs are vagina-safe, so you don’t have to worry about soaking for long periods. They come in lavender-scented and unscented as the brand understandingly considered that some “honey pots” are opposed to fragrance. They are also pH-balanced, so you can be confident they won’t irritate your skin.

Available online at: Target for $12.99

2. Redoux Turmeric Botanical Bar

Redoux bar soaps

There’s nothing that says self-care and wellness more than being clean. Made with a blend of essential oils and scents of summer, this turmeric soap bar is a beauty essential that not only cleanses but also brightens and detoxes your skin. Plus, the sandalwood, amber, and sweet orange blossom scents will have you smelling so divine.

The soap bar has rose clay—a natural skin purifier, and turmeric—which naturally brightens the skin. It is rich in plant-based oils, so that while it deeply cleanses your skin, it won’t leave you feeing dry or dehydrated. Redoux’s botanical bar also has small grains which gently exfoliates. Talk about an all-in-one skincare product!

Available online at: REDOUX for $16

3.  Topicals Like Butter Hydrating & Soothing Mist

Topicals Like Butter

Imagine if you could have that one product that soothes and repairs any skin issue, from dry skin to sunburn, heat rashes, chafing, and even the skin peeling that comes with getting a tattoo! Well, the Topicals Like Butter Hydrating & Soothing Mist is that one product right out of your imagination. This product is a 360° soothing body mist that soothes and smoothes skin like nothing else we’ve seen! It is packed with powerful botanical healers such as green tea extract, allantoin, rhubarb, and ginseng root. These ingredients are what make the product capable of restoring damaged skin and boosting skin health and moisture.

Beyond soothing and repairing dry or damaged skin, the mist by Topicals also contains ingredients that treat acne, exfoliate and brighten the skin. They also protect the skin’s surface from oxidative damage caused by UV and pollution. If there’s one self-care product that we would recommend having on you wherever you go, it’s this “smooth-like-butter” body mist.

Available online at: Sephora for $28

4. Brooklyn Relax. Relate. Release Tea

Brooklyn Relax. Relate. Release. Tea

We have soaps and body washes that give us that outward cleanse, but when it comes to cleansing our insides, one of the things we have is teas. Teas are good for our digestion and they are also effective as anti-stress drinks. This is exactly what Brooklyn Tea aimed to achieve with their Relax. Relate. Release tea. This herbal tea made with chamomile and lemongrass is light, sweet, and smooth. Its ingredients provide a host of wellness benefits so that sipping a cup of this tea would be very much like sipping from a cup of health. And that’s the kind of self-care we stan.

Available online at: Brooklyn Tea from $8.99 to $35.99 (depending on the tin size)

5. Golde Beauty Supplements

Golde Original Turmeric powder

We couldn’t particularly pick a star product from this brand as we were spoilt for choice. Golde provides edible wellness products ranging from dietary supplements like Coconut Collagen Boost powder and Shroom Shield “bliss” powder, to herbal drinks like the Pure Matcha green tea powder and Tumeric blend (pictured above). If you are wanting to destress, we recommend the Destress Ade supplement. It’s made with coconut water and blueberry juice, with the active ingredients being magnesium and lemon balm extract for relaxation. Golde stands for serving beauty that not only reflects on the outside, but also on the inside. And we are totally on board with that.

Available online at: Target from $15 to $29

6. FORVR Mood Candles by Jackie Aina

FORVR Scented Candles by Jackie Aina

In the spirit of wellness being a forever mood, FORVR by Jackie Aina recognizes not only the strength of a black woman, but also her worthiness of getting pampered. FORVR invites you to spoil yourself silly with its range of cleverly-named, deliciously-scented luxury candles.

Made with 100% coconut soy wax, FORVR MOOD scented candles are an exceptional source of aromatherapy for every mood. If ‘boujie on a budget’ was a candle, it would be this line. Whether you’re looking for a more romantic scent to give a mellow vibe, or you need something spicy to give you that go-go boost, FORVR MOOD has forever got you covered, honey.

Available online at: Sephora for $38

7. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

This deep conditioning mask by Briogeo is a cult favorite because it is ultra-hydrating, which helps to treat dry or damaged hair. The product has no sulfates, silicones, or parabens (all of which—as most of us know—are cancelled by most of the natural hair community). The mask also helps to protect hair from future damage which is great, especially if you use heat on your hair often. Hair breakage is an issue many black women deal with on the regular. So, as soon as we learnt that this product is clinically proven to decrease breakage after two uses, adding it to our self-care list was a no-brainer. It’s also 97% naturally-derived, vegan and cruelty-free.

Available online at: Amazon and Sephora for $38

8. SKINFOOD Black Sugar Mask

Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Scrub

SKINFOOD’s Black Sugar Mask is the ultimate glow ambassador. This sugar scrub gently rejuvenates and smooths your skin, feeding it with essential vitamins and minerals. It reduces oil buildup, dislodges blackheads, fades hyperpigmentation, and repairs damaged skin with ease. The cult classic delivers the ultimate moisture with Macadamia Seed Oil and Shea Butter. After using the subtly cola-scented mask, your skin will instantly feel soft and silky. It is great for all skin types, even sensitive, thanks to its caramel-like texture. Exfoliating your skin regularly is super important to keep it looking glowed up, and this mask comes highly recommended.

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Available online at: Amazon or iHerb for $11

9. Beauty Bakerie Sugar Lip Scrub

Beauty Bakerie Sugar scrub

This sugar lip scrub by the one and only Beauty Bakerie smells good, tastes good (but be careful! no matter how tempting, you’re not supposed to eat it), and it makes your lips feel amazing. It’s a gentle lip exfoliant that removes dead skin while also moisturizing your lips. It doesn’t feel oily or greasy at all, and many reviews have labelled it as the perfect holiday lip scrub for when the cold weather hits and your lips start to get dry and chapped.

The Beauty Bakerie Sugar Lip Scrub comes in a variety of sumptuous flavors including Maple Syrup, Peach, Peppermint, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

Available online at: Ulta Beauty for $12

10. FENTY Flash Nap Instant Revival Eye Gel-Cream + Eye Massage Tool Set

Fenty Beauty Eye Cream

The FENTY Flash Nap Instant Revival Eye Gel-Cream works like literal magic when applied on the skin around your eyes. It’s an eye cream that instantly hydrates and soothes. It’s made with Persian silk tree which targets signs of fatigue and aging around the eyes. So if you’ve been carrying around some luxury bags underneath your eyes maybe due to stress or not getting enough sleep, Rihanna’s special little eye gel-cream will totally help to reduce that puffiness over time.

This eye gel-cream also comes with a cooling mini eye massage tool which you can use after applying the gel-cream, for an extra boost of eye revival. It’s the magic wand to the magic eye potion.

Available online at: Sephora for $24

11. KNC BEAUTY All-Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask

KNC BEAUTY All-Natural Collagen Infused Lip Mask

Many people have been keeping up with the Kardashians for years now. So when the superstar family began to adore everything about having the perfect pout, many jumped on the boat too. The KNC BEAUTY all-natural collagen infused lip masks make it possible for you to have that perfect pucker with plump, soft, smooth, and moisturized lips. If you’re already blessed with full lips, don’t worry, this mask does other things too.

The lip masks are infused with natural plant extracts like rose flower oil, Vitamin E, and bitter cherry extract to hydrate your lips. We think that the best thing about these lip masks is that they also serve as fantastic lip primers. Therefore, whatever lip look is your go-to, mattes or glosses, your lips are going to look super juicy and absolutely gorgeous! The masks come in packs of 5 or packs of 10.

Available online at: Sephora for $25 to $40

12. KNC BEAUTY Retinol-Infused Star Eye Gels

KNC BEAUTY Retinol-Infused Star Eye Gels

Have you ever needed to fake a full 8 hours sleep when you’ve barely had up to a third of that? Well, then, you’ll find these retinol-infused star eye gels by KNC BEAUTY a complete godsend. These KNC eye masks are infused with all-natural ingredients that make your eyes look fresh, smooth, hydrated, and void of any puffiness whatsoever. The retinol enhances the texture of your skin and the aloe soothes any redness or puffiness.

These super soothing eye gels come in star-shaped sticker masks. So even when you’re going through the eye care aspect of your skincare routine, you’ll still look incredibly cute. So cute you can snag a few pretty #skincareroutine pics for your Instagram stories.

Available online at: Sephora for $25

13. Beauty & Wishes Face Roller and Gua Sha set

Jade Roller Gua Sha set

Is it truly a self-care list if we don’t include a Jade Roller? We think not. With so many on the market, we handpicked one that comes with a Gua Shu, so you can get the benefit of both. This set is also made of 100% authentic Jade, and it comes with an acrylic holder for easy storage. Jade Rollers promote blood circulation, improve fine lines and wrinkles, promote lymphatic drainage, and relieve tension from facial muscles. For skin of color, they can help to brighten discolorations and reduce puffiness.

Just like Jade Rollers, Gua Sha stones are also one to reach for every time you need a pick-me-up. If you’re someone who believes in the power of stones and crystals, the Beauty & Wishes Face Roller and Gua Sha set might just end up being your favorite. Be warned–they can get addictive! (in a positive way, of course).

Available online at: Amazon for $27

14. Mented Nude Nail Collection

Mented Nude Nail Collection

Don’t you just love the finest things of life? A spa and massage day, getting your hair done, a full-out mani-pedi, a little retail therapy to spice up your wardrobe, or maybe a little trip out of town to recharge your energy. We love the finer things too and the Nude Nail Collection by Mented Cosmetics is one of those things.

Mented Cosmetics is a 100% vegan brand we love. After majorly being known for makeup products, they came out with this collection of deeply pigmented, high shine, yummy-looking nude polishes. The kit come in three shades—Pinkish (a soft pink shade for everyone), Yes We Tan (the nude shade to crown all nudes), and Brown & Bougie (a brown so rich, it looks like expensive chocolate in a bottle). The pigments in these polishes are very opaque so they won’t fade or chip regardless of what you do with your hands. This is something we know a lot of people will deeply appreciate in a nail polish. Besides being vegan, the gel-like polishes are also cruelty-free.

Available online at: Mented Collection for $15

To conclude…

Wellness isn’t just about what’s on the outside, but also what lies within. In this article, we covered topical treatments like lip masks and body bars, and ingestibles like Collagen powders and beauty teas. We hope some of these items make it onto your next self-care shopping haul. And while you’re busy soaking in the goodness of any of these products, be sure to jam along to our favorite self-love soundtrack. Sending positive vibes your way!

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