Get To Know: UOMA Beauty

Get To Know UOMA Beauty

Last Updated on November 20, 2022

In a sea of conventional beauty campaigns where beauty brands claim to be bold, UOMA beauty stands out by incorporating historical and modern images of African culture. UOMA Beauty makes inclusive makeup a movement, not just a trend.

The expansion of makeup shades has proven that inclusive products aren’t just a trend but are critical for affirming one’s identity. While there is certainly space for improvements, black individuals are taking matters into their own hands to ensure they feel represented. Take, for example, UOMA Beauty, which creates makeup to include black people in a way that highlights African culture.

UOMA Beauty takes pride in being “a beautiful tribe where all are welcome”. Thus, they encourage you to stand out. In this article, we give you all the juicy details about this unique Africa-inspired beauty brand.

TL;DR: UOMA Beauty’s brand profile

The origins Of UOMA beauty

UOMA is pronounced OMA (uh-mah). Oma means “beautiful” in Igbo, the primary language of the Igbo people of eastern Nigeria. To appreciate the origins of the brand, we must first discuss the face behind it.

UOMA Beauty is an inclusive black-owned company founded by Sharon Chuter. She is a Nigerian-born former beauty executive based in Los Angeles and London. The UOMA beauty brand is disruptive, original, and designed for everyone. But, as we all know, everyone has a story, and we’re here to spill the tea!

Chuter aspired to be an engineer when she was a little girl. However, just before starting university, she chose to become an accountant. Dissatisfied and looking for ways to gratify her artistic side, she dropped out to pursue a career in music. She quickly found that music could not pay her bills. That’s how she got into beauty, since she needed to make money.

Chuter quickly recognized that there were no large makeup companies in the Nigerian market at the time. Although she was still a teenager, she approached every major brand globally, asking to be their distributor in Nigeria. Revlon replied, and the rest, as they say, is history.

She ended up bringing Revlon to Nigeria at a young age. This caused her to acknowledge two things: She had an enthusiasm for makeup, and she was passionate about business. Since she was still young and knew she had a long way to go, she decided to go into corporate.

She went into corporate beauty, gradually working her way to the top with brands like L’Oreal, Revlon, and Benefit Cosmetics. She eventually became one of the leading women of color in meeting rooms. Here, she observed that these cosmetics companies were attempting to be inclusive, but as a norm.

Consequently, Chuter realized it was the ideal opportunity for a brand to take a stand on what inclusive beauty is. So, she made UOMA. UOMA launched with an unfathomable 51 shades accessible in six custom recipes at Ulta. Although she aimed to create shades for everybody, her Nigerian roots inspired UOMA Beauty.

“Many brands try to sell to Black women but do not know the Black woman.”

Sharon Chuter (UOMA founder), Refinery29

That essential oversight is why she mixes her African culture into her brand.

Chuter’s diligence from her place at the table reaped enormous rewards. Her hands-on approach as creative director of UOMA resulted in a makeup line that is forward-thinking, bold, uncompromising, and profitable. Since its April 2019 launch, UOMA’s Say What?! foundation has been the brand’s best-selling item. Additionally, UOMA made its Fashion Week debut as the featured beauty brand for Laquan Smith’s New York City show.

UOMA Beauty‘s philosophy

UOMA’s perspective on beauty is quite one-of-a-kind. They entered the conversation of inclusion and elevated it to a whole new level; the best part is the diversity of their product collections. They want everyone in the beauty tribe to find something for themselves.

UOMA takes pleasure in adhering to six tenets, namely:

  • Self-Expression: “The highest form of self-expression is authentic beauty.”
  • Living in Color: “We enjoy life in all its brilliance and vitality.”
  • African Pride: “We are African not because we live in Africa; we are African because Africa is a part of us.”
  • Empowering Tribe: “A self-assured lady encourages others around her – empowered women empower others.”
  • Inclusivity: “Everyone deserves to enter the Beauty Hall feeling inspired and included.”
  • Beautiful Revolt: “To confront outmoded customs, we must be courageous and loud.”

Additionally, UOMA Beauty is an outspoken anti-racist brand. Initially, this resulted in them losing a significant amount of business. However, they have gotten successful over time.

Chuter launched the “Pull Up for Change” project during the George Floyd protests in 2020, using the hashtag #pulluporshutup. They challenged other cosmetic brands to disclose the precise number of Black employees in corporate and senior roles, rather than relying on a trendy hashtag.

UOMA beauty is also focused on giving back. During the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, they participated in the Beauty United campaign. This campaign emphasized the need to assist front-line employees.

UOMA Beauty‘s product range

UOMA Beauty’s product line boasts a vast range of shades to remain inclusive. They continue to surprise and excite customers with their quality and breadth of selection.

Their bestseller, Say What foundation ($39), tackles various skin issues, ranging from hypersensitivity and redness in lighter skin tones, to hyperpigmentation and dullness in darker hues.

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Also, UOMA Beauty provides their Stay Woke concealer in 17 hues to complement the Say What foundation. The concealer has great coverage and is long-wearing, while remaining lightweight. These little darlings retail at $25.

Along with the complexion products, the brand provides a variety of other cosmetics. They continue to develop and manufacture new cosmetics for the eyes, lips, face, and even skin.

Where you can buy UOMA Beauty products

If you live in the United States, UOMA Beauty is available at select Nordstrom and ULTA Beauty stores. You can also find them on Morphe or shop directly online from UOMA Beauty.

UOMA Beauty is available at retail outlets around the United Kingdom, including Harrods, Flannels, Boots, Selfridges, and Liberty London.

UOMA products are available in Canada at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations. Do inquire at your local Shoppers Drug Mart to determine if they stock their products.

You can order UOMA globally from ASOS, Beauty Bay and Look Fantastic and have it delivered to you. Alternatively, Harrod’s, Selfridges and Liberty London also deliver internationally.

Why you should consider using UOMA Cosmetics

UOMA distinguishes itself as a company that cares about its customers and society at large. You can expect advocacy from them when it comes to societal issues. They provide a safe space for discussions regarding issues affecting not only the beauty community, but also the black community.

It’s an empowering tribe that welcomes everyone. They elevate inclusivity to a new level by leveraging their platform to challenge established norms.

Although the brand is not 100% vegan, it is vegetarian, cruelty-free, recyclable, and made for everyone.

Need we say more?

Wrapping it up

UOMA Beauty consists of innovative products that are aesthetically beautiful with immediate results. They are skin-friendly, pleasurable to the senses, and most importantly, suited for all skin tones. UOMA creates a platform for all women of color to slay without apology—because we are beautiful and included!

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