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Last Updated on November 20, 2022

Sweet-toothed or not, Beauty Bakerie reminds you of ‘baking’ and gives you that sugar rush experience once you apply their long-lasting, smudge-proof, and cruelty-free products. Nope, you won’t be baking any desserts. You will be baking your face to perfection.

When we think of beauty brands that cater to and inspire black women, Beauty Bakerie makes it to our list. From the brand’s inspiring backstory, down to the products and packaging, and let’s not forget the yummy names they give their products, this article will definitely satisfy all your curious cravings about Beauty Bakerie.

TL;DR: Beauty Bakerie’s brand profile

The origins of Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie prides itself in having quite an incredible start-up story. In 2011, Cashmere Nicole was just a struggling teen mom who was looking for ways to be able to provide for her daughter, Jasmyn.

This led her to begin training as a nurse. While in that phase of her life, she decided that she wanted to go on into the beauty industry to give her much more entrepreneurial fulfillment. She then set herself on a five-year plan to succeed.

Nurse by day and makeup mogul by night, Nicole continued to work on her brand despite discouragements. She took it a step further by reaching out to a chemist who formulated some of her best-selling products. Being a lover of sweets, she named her brand Beauty Bakerie and began to build her business.

Life however had other plans when she discovered in 2012, just a year later, that she had a cancerous breast lump. You would think that would be the end of the story, but Nicole decided to turn her lemons into lemonades. This young mom kept her focus on her growing brand and decided to really know what was going into her makeup formulation and how it affected one’s health. It was at that point she switched into making the Beauty Bakerie a non-toxic and cruelty-free beauty brand.

After a successful surgery and recovery, Nicole started the ‘broken boobs’ campaign on Indiegogo. Through this outlet, she shared her cancer survival story and promoted her business alongside. In 2014, during breast cancer awareness month, Beyonce discovered Beauty Bakerie and promoted it on her website. This gave the brand a push, though business was still quite slow.

In 2015, more discouragement set in when her health declined and she had to take two months off her business. However, when Nicole remembered her 5-year goal, she decided to give it another try. She ran video adverts of her signature smudge-free lipsticks. This did the magic and Beauty Bakerie started to grow exponentially.

In 2017, after expanding her product line, Consumer Goods conglomerate Unilever invested in the brand. With the help of a brave and determined founder, Beauty Bakerie developed into a line of products that went viral and turned into a $40 million business.

Today, it’s not just Beyonce who is still a celebrity fan, Kehlani, Cardi B, and Gabby Douglas also use Beauty Bakerie products. They also count top beauty Youtubers Jackie Aina, Tati Westbrook, and Alissa Ashley among their fans.

The Beauty Bakerie Philosophy

Beauty Bakerie is known for its philanthropy and support to black movements. For example, they provide shelter, clothes, schooling, toys, and other things to orphanages around the world through their charity project, Sugar Homes. A portion of all proceeds from the brand sales goes to the cause, which has given more than $110,000 to date. They also actively support the Black Lives Matter movement, alongside other causes. You can find and contribute to these on their website.

Also, Beauty Bakerie takes pride in making products that are accessible to people from all walks of life, particularly those whose beauty needs have been historically ignored. In essence, this entails developing, producing, and manufacturing products that are virtually non-existent in the cosmetic industry, such as highlighters and bronzers that suit all skin tones, particularly those with darker skin tones.

Their team also revolutionized the way shades are numbered, as they were the first company to adjust shades and order them from the darkest shade to the lightest. And the amazing part…there were 58 of them! According to their mission statement on their website, the brand aims to ‘be sweet and sweeten the lives of others’. This mission is the driving force behind all they do.

Beauty Bakerie’s product range

As stated earlier, Beauty Bakerie does a great job at meeting beauty needs of women with deep, dark rich shades. This could also be linked to the fact that Nicole’s daughter is melanin-rich and had a hard time finding shades that worked for her. Speaking with Teen Vogue, she stated:

“For black women in particular, we are reminded everywhere we go […] that we are second. […] To get your shade, you bend down to almost the ground in a store or on a beauty store’s website. and when you’re looking for your shade you’re scrolling to the bottom of a list. And it could be any brand, but it’s going to be like, here are the light shades, and here are the dark all the way down here.”


All these factors inspired her to create palettes that catered to black people.

This highly inclusive and yummy line lives up to its name with delectably inspired products and packaging (Examples: the cute pocket-sized Neapolitan blush bar, the Organic Eggs beauty sponges, the Lollypop eye liner), highlighters in the form of ice cream tubs, and their popular Lip Whip liquid matte lipsticks.

That’s not all; they have a wide range of setting powders, concealers, eyeshadow palettes, illuminators, eyebrow gel, eyeliners, oils, lip glosses, and lip scrubs.

If you struggle to find a setting powder that doesn’t leave an ashy flashback, consider their Flour Setting Powder. It comes in a variety of shades ranging from Caramel to Brown, to suit a variety of complexion tones. Layer it subtly over their famous Instabake Aqua Glass Foundation, and you’ve got yourself an Insta-worthy face card.

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The brand is reasonably priced, with items ranging from $10 to $34. All in all, the products are kind to skin, cruelty-free, and affordable.

Where you can buy Beauty Bakerie products

Beauty Bakerie can be found on its website as well as in select Ulta, Boots, Nordstrom, and Target stores. You can also find them on Amazon. For our Middle East-based readers, find them at Apotheca and Faces. If you live in Australia or New Zealand, Morphe is your best bet. You never have to miss a bake sale again!

Why you should consider using Beauty Bakerie products

At Melanin’s Best, we respect businesses that advocate for the causes they believe in, and Beauty Bakerie is no exception. Their beauty and skincare products are cruelty-free and 100% natural, as well as fun to wear and long-lasting.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Here are 3 reasons to consider using Beauty Bakerie products.

  1. The brand is incredibly inclusive. For example, their Instabake foundation comes in 30 shades for women of varying skin tones. Lip Whip is one of their best-selling products that offer diversity. It is a liquid lipstick that comes in matte and metallic finishes and is available in 26 different shades. They also try to show models of all skin tones and backgrounds in their marketing campaigns.
  2. They produce quality products. There was only one matte lipstick in the Beauty Bakerie line at the beginning. Although it was quite an achievement due to how long it stayed on, Nicole still wanted growth. She wanted to keep growing her business in a way that was of high quality and good for the world. So, she made all of her products cruelty-free, natural and well-pigmented. Their foundation line also does not cake and it’s easy to blend. Customer reviews rave about how a little goes a long way. This means that you won’t be running to the store to restock every two weeks.
  3. The brand is committed to giving back to the black community. Cashmere Nicole founded Sugar Homes in 2016. The charity supports orphanages and impoverished children worldwide by providing clothing, food, toys, and financial assistance for education. They have currently received over 11 million donations and are determining where they will next aid. On their website, you can suggest an orphanage that is dear to your heart. They also list out causes you can choose to support.


Beauty Bakerie products are fun and cute, and they offer great value for your money. Their start-up story makes us believe that we can do anything we set our mind on. Although they are a cruelty-free brand, not all their products are vegan. However, most are and they are constantly looking for ways to produce more vegan options. Looking to add that sprinkle of sweetness to your next beauty routine? It’s time to become a Beauty Baker!

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